Where the heck am I?

Hey, you're on the website for Faking Life! It's a humorous webcomic that's semi-autobiographical. I say "semi" because I don't really know the Monkey King (He ignores my Facebook friend requests). It usually updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Normally it has four panels, but sometimes I experiment! Who knows.

Who are these crazy people?

Nat Lee

The hero of the story, Nat is a walking contradiction of sorts - bold yet shy, intelligent yet stupid, crazy yet sane, a simple guy with a complicated mind. Having absorbed the languages of many different cultures, he tends to use random foreign words. Nat can be pretty moody too. It must be the artist within him. At times he's all crazy and hyper, and hours later will be down in the dumps. By the time he finished college, he became more of a introspective, bitter cynic after years of post-high school experience. However, he's still the same ol' wacky nice guy inside.

Tamiko "Tammy" Komatsu

Nat's BFF since college, Tammy has taken up the mantle of keeping him in check before he goes to crazy. She's a groovy chick who stays mellow in the strangest situations that seem to pop up all the time in Nat's world.

Jared Wong

Jared is Nat's best friend since elementary school. Compared to Nat, he tends to be more on the sarcastic and pessimistic side, but he always has his head on straight. He gets a bit annoyed at the way Nat acts at times, but they're still the best of friends.

The Girl with the Wonderful Smile (AKA The Girl)

A mysterious and elusive girl who's stolen Nat's heart but always seems just out of his reach. Will he ever catch up to her? Will he finally learn her name? Stay tuned...

MK (The Monkey King)

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, was once a legendary Chinese folk hero who would travel all over China with his homies, helping regular folks and playing pranks on stuffy gods and goddesses. Now he works in a Starbucks in the Land of the Golden Mountain (San Francisco), bitter and stripped of most of his powers, waiting to be let back into heaven. Someday...

Where can I see more of your art?

Check out my deviantART site at http://taneel.deviantart.com/ or my portfolio site at http://nattoon.org. Enjoy.

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